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How Do You Learn Which Yoga Information is Helpful When Pregnant?

By Carla Y. Faulkner

I'm used to working out, which means this aspect of my life didn't change once I became pregnant. It helps me physically and emotionally, almost keeping me more stable. This is why I accepted an invitation to attend a yoga class, even though my baby was growing inside of me.

However, I wasn't so naïve that I would walk in not knowing a single thing. I went online and looked for yoga information for pregnant mothers. It was interesting to read the various tidbits

What yoga information is helpful if you're pregnant?

- It will be easier if you're used to attending yoga class.
- It's necessary to check with your medical doctor prior to starting.
- Inverted positions shouldn't be done.
- Never continue if you have any pain or discomfort.
- It keeps the body strong and toned.
- Your labor is often easier.
- Mothers say there's less back pain during the third trimester.
- Bikram yoga shouldn't be done.

Yoga is going to benefit you before, during, and after pregnancy. Obviously, it's a lot easier to do if you're been doing the various yoga poses for quite some time. However, this doesn't mean it can't be done if you're not used to exercising. Take it slow, and check with your medical doctor before starting the class.

It's necessary to stay away from inverted positions and Bikram yoga during the nine months of pregnancy. You don't want to harm the baby in any way. It's also suggested to not lay on your back after the first trimester, as this stops blood flow to the uterus. It's important to keep exercising, but do it in moderation and be wise on what movements you choose to do. If there's any sort of pain, then make sure and stop.

During the second and third trimesters, use a chair or the wall to provide extra stability during standing positions. This will help during moments of unbalance that most people experience, partly because of the changes in the center of gravity on a woman.

It's helpful to read yoga information about how the exercise benefits pregnant women. It helps with toning and strengthening, which will help with labor and many say there's less back pain during the last part of pregnancy. If strengthening the mother's core muscles protects many from a hard labor, then it's worth learning the different yoga poses. If you're able, it's not going to hurt anything.