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Respiratory Diseases

Yogic exercise develop all parts of the body and have a very definite effect on the mind and emotions. That is why sages have called other forms of exercise 'Anga Bagha Sadana' but yoga 'Sarvanga Sundara Vyayam'. The practitioners of yoga are firmly of the view that disorders and ailments are the result of polluted environment,unscientific and irrational way of living,bed habits and lack of wholesome food.It is the individual who is responsible for the cause and cure of the disease disorder.

In this age of environmental pollution,respiratory diseases such as influenza,cataract,common cold,Asthma,tonsillitis bronchitis,pneumonia,pleurisy and Coryza are becoming common particularly in highly industrialised cities.

According to a medical report,20.9 percent rural deaths in 1980 were found due to cough which included disorders of the respiratory system.The common cold and influenza by itself are not dangerous but if neglected can become complicated. Sometimes due to sudden change in the atmosphere or the climate some persons suffer from cold but the cold or influenza cannot be attributed to the sudden change in the atmosphere.Has it been so,everbody would suffer from cold and influenza.

Sometimes a person getting up in the morning finds himself in the grip of cold and without caring to know the cause takes some medicine and suppresses the symptoms of cold and influenza. Sometimes a person over works physically or mentally without sufficient rest;he uses more oxygen than his lungs can supply and this puts more strain on lungs which are likely to catch respiratory diseases.

If a person does not sleep for a required length of time daily,the lungs cannot recoup their lost energy.If one works at night,the lungs fall prey to clods and other infections.If a person is constantly overwhelmed by anxiety or if he is sure suffer frequently from colds. Anxieties and worries eat up the man as Canker eats the rose.

Intoxicants and smoking in any form weakens the lungs,throat and branchial tube.Asthma popularly know as 'Damma'affects the young,old and even children.No doubt modern system of medicine-Allpathy,Homeopathy,Ayurveda and Unani have done remarkable work in controlling diseases and disorders.But in the history of mankind it is not the doctor who has been able to overcome disease.Doctors are as prone to sickness as others.Cardiologists suffer from heart ailments,dematologists from skin diseases and nephologists die of kidney failures.

Only prophets,saints and yogis have conquered the diseases.In India Yogis have done deep into the functioning of the human body and have evolved Yogabhyas for curing the diseases and promoting positive health.The practice of yoga makes the body not only supple but strong ,strengthens the nerves,purifies the blood,tones up internal organs and gives general health,mental and physical agility,balance,endurance and vitality. Yoga system of treatment for Respiratory diseases comproses three steps

1.Observance of certain yogic principles
2.Yogic diet
3.Practising yogasans and pranayama

The patients suffering from respiratory diseases should stop taking zarda,cigarettes,tobacco in any form and alcoholic drinks. Hot spices, chillies,pickles should be avoided.They must also avoid over eating at all times and should stop late hour walking any try to be relaxed than tensed.The persons sufferings from respiratory diseases should eat a balanced diet which includes salad,fruits green vegetables in their daily meals.

They should practise Pranayama and Asan daily. Pranayama is mainly a kriya (exercise) with air. Our life is measured not by the number of years but by the number of breaths.It contains Pranashakti (life force).It also has absorbing,activating an energising capacity. Air is regarded as a great purifies as well as giver of life.

Ujjayee Pranayama can be practised in two ways-in standing positions and in lying position.The new practitioners are advised Ujjayee Pranayama in lying position for a period of one month and then they may switch over to the standing position. Pranayama must be done in empty stomach in the morning when fresh air is available. Pranayama improves mental equilibrium,calms emotional disturbances and gives balanced personality.

The patients suffering from respiratory diseases are advised to practise the selected asanas,such as Ek Paduttam Asana,Tara Asana,Yog Mudra,Ushtra Asana,Simha Asana,Sarvang Asana,Matsya Asana.

Patients suffering fro respiratory diseases fell breathlessness and panting.Such disease can be aggravated by taking sweets,fried dishes,heavy food and sometimes even by drugs such as morphine and aspirine.These nerve-wrecking diseases make exhalation more difficult than inhalation. Asthma may be the result of the negligence of frequent colds cough etc.Over a long period. All respiratory diseases can be cured by following Yogic Principles,Yogic diet,Yogasana and Pranayama.