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Bhoo Namana Vajrasana

This is one of the variations of Vajrasana. This is to be performed in the direction opposite to that of Supta Vajrasana. Some consider this asana to be one kind of Yoga-Mudra.

Technique: Attain Vajrasana. Slowly and cautiously bend the trunk forward. Take the arms to the back. Hold the right forearm with the left hand and the left forearm with the right hand. Fill the air in the lungs. Slowly exhale and stretch the neck downward so that the nose touches the ground. Gradually,increase the time to the limit of ten seconds.


1. This asana eliminates the weakness of the intestines the stomach. It also removes disorders of the liver and laxity of the pancreas.

2. It increases the elasticity of the spine and also strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and the chest.

3. It cures constipation.

4. It cures diseases such as diabetes,abdominal disorders, cold, gas-trouble, loss of appetite, nocturnal discharge, insomnia, asthma, dysentery and indigestion.

5. It stimulates gastric fire.