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When the final position is struck in this Yogic exercise, the body of the performer resembles a triangle, hence the name Trikonasana. The figures of its four positions have been given below to explain the right technique of this asana.

Technique :

Stand erect keeping a distance of about 75 cms between the feet. Stretch the arms sideways. Then raise them to the level of the shoulders. Let the palms face the ground. Stand erect.

(See figure 1).

Then bend the trunk to the left side and touch the left toes with the left hand. Stretch the right arm  upwards and straighten it. Keep the eyes fixed on the right arm. Bring the left hand near the left toe.
(See figure 2).

Keep the left hand in the same position and rotate the right arm from over the waist and bring it to the head level. Look downward.

(See figure 3).

Then touch the right toes with the right hand. This is the final position of Trikonasana.

(See figure 4).
Rest for five to ten seconds and repeat this exercise with the right arm upside and the left arm upside. Hold each position for two seconds. Practice this asana four or five times a day.

Advantages :

(1) This asana relieves the stiffness of the neck.

(2) It relieves the pain in the joints of the neck and the shoulders. It also exercises the spinal cord, the hips, the thighs, the arms and the fingers.

(3) It makes the spine flexible and develops the mental power. This asana is also beneficial to the eyes.